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55 x 50cm

Erykah is inspired by Erykah Badu the Queen of Neo Soul who is renowned for her towering head wraps.


Head wraps are worn by people of various cultures and backgrounds, this design is a celebration of natural style icons who make fashion statements all over the world. These handmade mini rugs are unique pieces made by highly skilled craftsmen.


Each rug is made of pure 100% Indian wool.


Sustaining the beauty and life of OT&O products is dependent on careful cleaning and maintenance.




Our rugs are made from wool so will shed, please use handheld vacuums regularly to maintain your rug.

Rugs are rolled for delivery, lay your rug flat and the creases will disappear within a couple of weeks.

Sprouting of the wool yarns in your rug is normal. In the event the yarn sprouts appear on the surface, please use a sharp pair of scissors and clip each piece of yarn to the same level as the rest of the rug’s pile. Do not pull out the yarn; this will cause damage to the rug.

We recommend all our customers use rug pads or grips underneath all rugs. They help prevent damage to your flooring, prevent accidents and provide comfort to your feet on hard surfaces. They also stop rugs from curling at the edges and ensure rugs stay in place and don’t slide. We appreciate pads will be difficult to purchase due to the unique shape of our rugs; the team will be on stocking suitable pads.

Change the position of your rug to avoid exposure of sunlight to only one area. Rotating the rug allows the entire rug to wear equally and balance any fading that may occur.

Ensure your rug receives air often to avoid rotting due to excessive moisture.

Remove spills and stains immediately. Do not rug liquid spills! Blot the stain with an absorbent clean white towel or cloth until the area is dry. A deep cleanse should be left to a professional carpet cleaner. A professional clean will bring out the colour and softness of the wool.



Erykah Light brown Statement Rug 55 x 50cm