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Aloe Vera soap from St Lucia (Aloe barbadensis). Aloe juice which is renowned world-wide as an effective cooling agent, especially for soothing a sunburnt, irritated and dry skin. Aloe Vera contains natural ingredients, which help to moisturise and regenerate skin cells, and with its natural antibacterial properties helps to cleanse the skin.Aloe Vera is a popular and widely-used plant famous for its potent anti-inflammatory, regenerating, and soothing properties. It is traditionally used for burns, cuts, wounds, photo-aging, sunburns, skin ulcers, skin-aging, or dry, irritated, and damaged skin associated with eczema or psoriasis. Aloe Vera can protect and heal epithelial tissue of the skin and helps stimulate fibroblasts, the skin cells responsible for regeneration of the skin, wound healing and the manufacture of collagen. By reducing inflammation and stimulating new cells, Aloe Vera allows wounds and scars to heal faster while minimizing scarring.

Aloe Vera Soap / Shampoo Bar

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