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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I am sure you will enjoy looking through each of the services I have to offer.
It has been an interesting life journey that has brought me to this point. I have over 20 years experience in higher education, nursing for people with learning disabilities, third sector organisations, carnivals and small to medium scale event management.
After years of doing all the above around my day job, I decided to take control and place priority on the things that fulfill me as a person.
My aim is to bring an item
of the natural beauty of the Caribbean to the homes of people who value, natural
cultivation arts, historical 
manufacturing processes and crafts.

Cocoa Butter

I am really excited to bring to you the 98% natural Cocoa Butter direct from Grenada, the Island of my decent. The cocoa butter is of exceptionally high quality and made using an Italian cocoa press which is noted as one of the most sophisticated machinery.

"I have listened to my friends, customers, colleagues and students who have continually praised my communication, professionalism and social values and placed these skills at the heart of everything I do."
Please take a look at the services I
have to offer.

Carnival Arts Consultancy

R.Consultancy is the project, event and tendering management arm of the infamous Soca Saga Boys London. R.Consultancy is an approved supplier to the London borough of Hackney. Please take a look at some of the accomplishments/skillsets I have to offer
  • I have won tenders, grants and match funding in excess of 100k from various funders such as the Big Lottery, Hackney Youth Funding, and  City Parochial to name a few.

  • Approved supplier to Hackney Council

  • Project manager for the award-winning Sound System and Carnival Costume band Soca Sagaboys London

  • 50k sound system available for hire for processions and static events

  • Facilitate educational carnival workshops

Notting Hill Carnival 2015 | Ice Cream Family x Soca Saga Boys
Play Video

Take a Look

At What We Do

Please see footage and pictures of some of the previous events and carnivals I have been involved in.

Carnival Awards

Soca Sagaboys as a unit has been commended and awarded on several occasions throughout the years. Awards range from the Calabash Awards, CMA Awards and Hackney Council.

The Anthony



Anthony Bartholomew also known as “Bartol” to his friends and family was a serving officer in the criminal investigation department (CID) of the Royal Grenada Police Force. He served his island faithfully for 32 years but tragically succumbed to a rare brain tumour at the age of 49 in Aug 2015. He was given a state funeral as he died in service and was a well-loved member of the Police force and was a respected member of the St Marks Parish.


I am proud to be his niece and was devastated by his early departure thus I decided to channel my grief into something positive and educational. This saw the birth of Books To Grenada. I fundraise once a year by doing a 10 mile walk, I appeal for good quality second-hand books for one month and use the donations raised to ship the books to a Caribbean island library. Each book is stamped "In Memory Of Anthony Bartholomew" with the aim of education and literary encouragement.


Please click the facebook link on this page for updates on the location I have delivered to and get in touch if you would like to contribute in some way.


I also collect used stamps for the Friends of Moorfields Eye Hospital. A Vital service very close to my heart. If you would like to send me your stamps please make contact by email -

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Books to Grenada
Books to Grenada
Books to Grenada
Books to Grenada
Books to Grenada

Higher Education

My NHS service started in 1990. I spent 3 years working as an auxiliary nurse in the community then progressed into nursing for people with learning disabilities.


I nursed in various settings which included - challenging behaviour, community nursing, school nursing for children with special needs and transitional health facilitation.


Following my nursing achievements, I pursued a teaching career and have been lecturing at various universities since 2007. I have taught at St Georges University, London Metropolitan University, South Bank University and Anglia Ruskin University.


I am a current PHD candidate, examining the lives of carers of people with learning disabilities in Grenada. 



Nominated four times by students at Anglia Ruskin University for the " Made A Difference Awards"


Nomination years - 2012, 2014, 2015 & 2016


Areas of Expertise

  • People with learning disabilities

  • Children with learning disabilities

  • The transition for people with learning disabilities

  • Third sector management

  • Qualitative research skills for nurses

  • Masters project supervision

  • Mentoring - nurses, personal development and sole trader startups

  • Person-centred plannings - people with learning difficulties, team building and personal development

  • Epilepsy awareness


Areas of Teaching

  • Families with children with learning disabilities

  • The needs of children with learning disabilities

  • Families from BAME caring for people with learning disabilities

  • Learning Disability /communication

  • Valuing people / ethics in healthcare/ codes of conduct / health action planning

  • Study skills – Plagiarism / academic writing

  • Qualitative research methods

  • Ageing and people with Learning Disabilities

  • Personal independence payments overview

  • Person-centred planning

  • Advocacy

  • Group dynamics / inter-professional working / ethical team working / reflection / basic literature review

  • Adolescence and family dynamics

  • Assessment for people with learning disabilities 

  • Health facilitation and learning disabilities


  • RNLD - Registered nurse for people with learning disabilities

  • BSc Hons - Specialist community nurse

  • PG Cert - Teaching in higher education

  • Mentor - Nursing

  • Workplace Mediator

  • Prince 2 - Foundation and practitioner

  • Alcohol supervisor and personal license holder

  • Disability analytical assessor

  • Steps to enterprise - Certificate

  • Sage Line 50 - Certificate

Registered Bodies

NMC - Nurse, Specialist community nurse teacher

HEA - Fellow

APMG - Project management


Anti-discriminatory Practice in Mental Health for Older People 

Jessica Kingsley publisher


Essential Nursing Care for Children and Young People: Theory, Policy and Practice



A survey into student nurses’ attitudes towards mental illness: implications for nurse training 

Nurse Education Today

Learning disabilities is bigger than a cursory review.

Jessica Kingsley publisher


Learning disability nurses must stay linked to the NHS.

British Journal of Nursing



I manage small to medium scale events such as excursions, bespoke community functions, event nights. I also coordinate and project manage small and medium scaled carnival processions and static events.

  • I offer project management advice to club owners and fellow event promoters in a range of subjects such as, increasing footfall, bespoke event nights, maximising use of social premises and review

  • Prince 2 trained

  • Personal Licensed Alcohol holder and supervisor

  • Organised small to mid sized events / indoors and outdoors

  • Advice on maximising promotional activities



I had the great pleasure of working with Dr Kydd-Williams whilst at Anglia Ruskin University. Rena is known as a first-class communicator, and has a wealth of experience in the delivery of healthcare education at degree level and beyond. Popular with students and colleagues alike, I have no hesitation in providing this recommendation for my former colleague. I have confidence that Rena will add a great deal of value to any organisation she finds herself in the future.

Nigel Sansom

Chairman of PinPoint Cancer LTD 

I have known Rena for 15 years. We first met when I was a student nurse. Rena is caring, trustworthy and highly professional. I feel privileged to have experienced her guidance early on in my nursing career.

Patricia Atkinson

MECSH supervisor at CLCH

Rena is a person of great integrity with excellent inter-personal skills. A nurse by background Rena has a long history of working in the academic and voluntary sector with a particular commitment to the lived experience of people with learning disabilities and their carers. Rena's skill base includes nursing, teaching, researching and organisational leadership

Carol Munn - Giddings

Professor of Participative inquiry and collaborative practices at Anglia Ruskin University 

Thank you for representing me so well Rena, the feedback I received was excellent from your clinical expertise to your ability to translate complex subject matter into working practice is commended.

Jonathan Broadest

Account Director at SJB Medical

I have worked with Rena for several years in her role as senior. Her knowledge, is communicated in an informed, engaging and relaxed way that enables the students curiosity and learning. I have invited her as a guest lecturer where I currently work, the feedback from the students was excellent in relation to her knowledge and presentation style. 

Sharon Walker


Rena Kidd is a reliable, hard-working health activist, with hands-on experience working with adults and young people with learning difficulties. A real pleasure to work with.

Luke Daniels

President at Caribbean Labour Solidarity


Contact Information

I look forward to your enquiries and seek to respond to you in a reasonable time frame. However, if I am a little slower in responding to you it's only because I take time and care to respond accurately and not automatically!

Sending positive vibes only

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